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Well, well, well pictured on the FRONT page of your October 2015 edition of the Labor Beacon was UBC King-RAT McMoron and his new STL-EST “ass clown” to replace “little-man” Nelson!  Pictured in the middle was who they intend for you to vote for as Missouri’s next governor, as well as photos of the big membership PAID dog & pony show featuring the appointed KC-teammates only,

I did not see any members in attendance of this big party, did you? Did any of you pay ANY ATTENTION to the article to the left of their picture? TEAMSTER WORKING MEMBERS & RETIREES FACE CUTS IN PENSION????

Perhaps you were too dazzled by all the UBC-BS concerning the new “8 million dollar” training center and oh, yes the inclusion of Kansas City’s name in the District Council after five years of ignoring us completely!Did that give you a warm fuzzy feeling of finally being included after they RAPED our DC, our LU’s, our properties, and our FUNDS?  WHERE did that 8-MILLION come from to build the new DC building and training center?

Did you know that during the last government show-down in 2014 that the MEDIA FAILED (intentionally) to report that Congress passed a bill to REOPEN the ERISA laws that are supposed to PROTECT UNION PENSIONS?

Your buddy UBC/CEO McCarron and several other major union leaders were behind the re-opening and changes made by Congress behind closed doors prior to this becoming law! This allows them to CUT PENSION BENEFITSon working and retired members across the board if the funds fall below a certain level!

Has your newly named DC gotten their dirty little hands on our Pension fund monies yet or will the new name change ensure that seizure?While THEY will have the power to REDUCE YOUR PENSION monies (without a vote of the membership affected most likely), the McCarron TEAM receives TWO to your one. How many of you APATHETIC, non-meeting attenders, uneducated, non-political, UBC slaves who refuse to GROW A PAIR want to bet that when YOUR BENEFITS are CUT by McCarron and company that THEIR SECOND UBC-SPECIAL RETIREMENT FUND will NOT BE TOUCHED?

I have been telling you that this was coming FOR YEARS now but, no you were too busy to PAY ATTENTION allowing yourselves to be taken to the cleaners by these APPOINTED teammates and their “hand-puppet” delegates given power because you were too LAZY to attend, educate yourselves or VOTE for good working members who would have tried to protect your best interests if you had supported them!

This last 315 election only proves my point of electing a PAID JATC instructor (perhaps appointed by Terry Davis), as 315’s President.

·        How many former 714 members now hold office?

·        How many team supporters?

·        How many BA’s or their relatives???

You have sown the seeds of your own DESTRUCTION by following instead of taking care of your own business every month and refusing to FIGHT what is right in front of you?

The UBC REVOLUTION should have started in earnest when McCarron STRIPPED you of YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE across the board but, instead you took the path of least resistance and became lemmings blindly following each other off the edge of a cliff!

Why did America’s founding Fathers form a government where your representatives were ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE? Because they could be VOTED OUT by THE PEOPLE when they did not represent OUR BEST INTERESTS!

APPOINTED representatives ensure your own slavery to TYRANTS and YOU have allowed your FREEDOM, RIGHTS, and you’re very HONOR to be taken away because you refused to be an AMERICAN.

FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE, you must ALWAYS be vigilant and willing to fight those who would take it from you!

·        Will you begin to pay ATTENTION to not only McCarron’s UBC illegal takeover of ALL your funds (while lining his and his teams pockets) or what is happening in CONGRESS against every working American after your PENSION benefits are CUT?

·        Will you finally become angry enough to unite and FIGHT those who have SOLD YOU OUT for their own power and greed after the damage has been done?

They already have you behind the eight ball and by the time you LOSE all that you worked for your entire life it will be too late because YOUR MONEY and YOUR PENSIONS will be long gone!

When your Pension is reduced or zeroed out by these RATS because of theft or mismanagement by the UBC, I hope you will remember “the TEAM” who caused your losses, on the day it happens but, you need only look into a mirror to see who is really to blame for their accomplishments! What happened to the people of Greece is coming to America and it was begun under Obama’s watch by BOTH parties!

The McMoron UBC has thrown in our support to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party for President (without asking us). Before that -- Mr. Hope & Change!  You will soon feel that CHANGE in your backside! ANYONE endorsed by the UBC, I assume has been bought and paid for to protect him from prosecution and I vote the EXACT opposite!

Every time I see the news clip showing McRAT and Hillary together I see two peas in the same pod; rich tyrant elitists, liars, who remind me of the “lair in chief” who has lead this Country into a becoming a third world nation and absolute power instead of democracy!

We will see if the loss of your Pension benefits wake up the UNION’S membership soon, perhaps it just might wake up the AMERICAN PEOPLE to TAKE CONTROL of their own Country too before it is too late!  

Douglas M. Cornett  


The commentary on this website is the opinion of Doug Cornett.  The opinions may not be shared by others.  The section on this website for “Your Thoughts” is for the opinions of those visiting this website